Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Is SmartWater?

How does SmartWater work?

SmartWater is a forensic liquid that assigns your valuables with their own unique forensic code, allowing them to be traced back to you. Because the Police regularly check for SmartWater and actively raise awareness of it, SmartWater is known throughout the criminal fraternity. Because of SmartWater’s partnership with law enforcement, criminals will statistically avoid anything that bares our logo and will not risk challenging our 100% conviction rate. By displaying SmartWater deterrent stickers on your windows and doors you are sending out a powerful warning to any would- be thieves.

Why can’t I just use a UV pen to mark my property?

Unlike SmartWater, UV pens do not offer a secure solution for marking property and have two major flaws. Firstly UV pens can only be used if there is a suitable surface area on which to write your details, which is problematic for jewelry and other small items. Secondly, there is nothing to stop a thief from striking through a Social Security Number (SSN) or any other identifying marking with another UV marker, thus erasing any link back to the true owner.

How can property be traced back to me?

Your SmartWater forensic solution carries a chemical code which is unique to you – we never make the same SmartWater code twice. The SmartWater chemical code within your solution, together with your name and address details, are stored on our off-line secure database, which is maintained to the highest international standards of ISO27001. Should any of your valuables be stolen and subsequently recovered by the Police, our forensic scientists can analyze traces of SmartWater on the item to identify the chemical code. This is then checked against our database thus establishing its true owner.

What sort of items can you mark with SmartWater?

SmartWater is a generic system and can be used to code virtually any household item – from a wedding ring to an LCD TV to an air conditioning unit.

Can SmartWater be used outdoors?

Yes. SmartWater is extremely robust and is able to withstand long term, direct exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures. SmartWater’s asset protection systems conform to the highest possible standards of robustness (Grade A External specification, BSI PAS 820:2012). SmartWater forensic codes are guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years if applied in accordance with the Application Guidelines supplied with your SmartWater system.

How do I register my bottle of SmartWater?

If you purchase your SmartWater subscription directly from SmartWater, your unique SmartWater ID will be dispatched already registered. If you have received your SmartWater kit as part of a law enforcement initiative, then each kit is supplied with a Statement of Registration which needs to be returned as soon as possible – this may be done by the involved law enforcement agency.

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2. Membership Queries

Why do I have to pay an annual Membership, why can't I simply buy a bottle of SmartWater?

By subscribing to SmartWater you are not only purchasing a product, you are becoming a member of SmartWater’s crime prevention network. The value of SmartWater lies within its power as a deterrent. Traceability is something that criminals hate as they know that Police are checking

property for SmartWater, therefore they’ll give anything protected a wide berth. Academic research carried out on over 100 criminals revealed that 74% said they would not break into a building if a SmartWater deterrent label was on display.

Ensuring that SmartWater remains as an effective deterrent in the minds of criminals is a continual process. Your Membership fee helps to fund ongoing Police training, support services, and criminal awareness programs in your area that reinforce the SmartWater deterrent. SmartWater have teams of former Police Officers working in partnership with the Police on covert operations, stop and searches, as well as Police-led raids and operations to further support this. All these activities will continue, 365 days a year, every year – so whenever criminals see the SmartWater sticker in your window, they will think twice.

Am I a Member?

If you pay your SmartWater subscription fee and your payments are up-to-date, you qualify as a SmartWater member. If you obtained your SmartWater via a law enforcement initiative or as a one- off payment, while you have a SmartWater registration, you do not have a membership which is required for additional services and products.

Why do I need a separate Membership for my vehicle?

The SmartWater solution used in our Vehicle systems is different to that used in our Home Coding and Possessions systems. It is even more robust and suitable for long term outdoor use. More importantly, as the SmartWater will be unique for that vehicle we are able to record specific vehicle information such as make, model, Vehicle Identification Number etc. Furthermore, if the vehicle is sold then the new owner has the option of taking on our service and as a Member you have the option of receiving a complimentary SmartWater kit for your replacement vehicle.

What is the benefit of using SmartWater’s Vehicle system when my car or motorcycle is already registered with the state?

It’s important to remember the main benefit of using SmartWater is to deter in the first place. Even so, many vehicles are stolen for cloning purposes and resold as an entirely different vehicle. VIN numbers and registration plates can be changed, but SmartWater is virtually impossible to remove - thus helping the Police trace the vehicle's history.

Which SmartWater system do I need if I want to protect my yacht or trailer?

Specialist marine systems are available for boats and yachts. If you hold a Standard Residential Membership license, you will need to upgrade to a Premium Residential system in order to have a suitable volume of SmartWater solution required to code items of this size. If you find that you still need more solution, please contact Customer Services on 954-315-3938 to discuss upgrading to a custom-made SmartWater package. Please note that ATVs, caravans, tractors and other vehicles that have their own VIN number each require a separate Vehicle system.

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3. Payment Queries

How do I pay for my SmartWater Membership?

It couldn't be easier. Just visit our 'SmartWater Store' (Click on "Click to Order") to place your order. We accept most major credit and debit cards* and we also accept PayPal. (*Mastercard and Visa)

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4. Delivery And Lead Time

How will I receive my SmartWater system and how long will it take to be dispatched?

SmartWater’s systems will be dispatched from our Fort Lauderdale offices and will fit through a typical letter box. Orders will be dispatched within 7-14 working days from receipt of payment.

Once I receive my SmartWater system, can I return it and get a full refund?

If you have made a purchase and changed your mind, providing the package remains unopened and is in purchased condition, it can be returned within 14 days of receipt for a full refund. The cost of the return will not be refunded.

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5. Application Queries – Inc. Shelf Life and Durability

How much SmartWater should I apply to my valuables?

We recommend a single brush stroke of SmartWater in an inconspicuous area of your property, for example in the nooks and crannies, or over any vents or grills. Try to avoid any smooth surfaces. For larger valuables, such as lawnmowers, we recommend marking several sections of the item. Please make sure you carefully read the Application Guidelines supplied with your SmartWater system. The incorrect application of SmartWater may invalidate the 5 year warranty.

Can SmartWater withstand routine cleaning?

Yes. SmartWater has been designed to withstand routine cleaning, so you will not need to reapply any solution after cleaning. Please make sure you carefully read the Application Guidelines supplied with your SmartWater system.

Does SmartWater contain DNA?

No, SmartWater is made from metal-based inert, inorganic compounds, making it significantly more robust than DNA. By its very nature, DNA is extremely fragile and can be easily removed using basic household cleaning products and is destroyed under short term exposure to ultraviolet light. This makes DNA unsuitable for long term property coding.

What happens if I get SmartWater on my skin during application, will it come off? Is SmartWater toxic?

SmartWater’s asset protection systems are water-based liquid and completely non-hazardous. Some SmartWater products, such as our Vehicle Coding Products are solvent-based and come with additional health and safety instructions. Full health and safety guidelines are provided with each system ordered.

Will SmartWater transfer on to my hands when I am handling my coded property?

No, once SmartWater has been applied to an item and it has dried, it will not transfer. The SmartWater asset protection systems are permanent and therefore not designed to be removed. Please be sure to follow the health and safety instructions contained within your Application Guidelines.

What is the shelf life of SmartWater Forensic Solution?

Once applied, SmartWater is permanent and able to withstand long term, direct exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures. SmartWater’s asset protection systems conform to the highest possible standards of robustness (Grade A External specification, BSI PAS 820:2012). SmartWater forensic codes are guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years if applied in accordance with the Application Guidelines supplied with your SmartWater system. When in liquid form (i.e. still in the bottle) the shelf life is 2 years from the date on manufacture. A use by date will be printed on the bottle.

Can the solution wear off on, for example, Jewellery?

Once an item has been coded with SmartWater and the solution has dried it will harden, making it extremely difficult to remove. Minimal wear may occur on some items such as jewelry, in which case you may wish to reapply SmartWater periodically (approximately every 5 years). If you are concerned that wear may have occurred, then simply check for traces of SmartWater on the item using a UV black light source. If SmartWater is still present it will fluoresce yellow.

Do I need to let SmartWater Technology Ltd know which items I have marked?

No, SmartWater CSI LLC does not need to know which assets you have marked, although we do recommend that you keep a list for your own records.

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6. Additional Solution

Can I buy additional solution to use at a second home?

No, each unique forensic code can only be registered to one property purely for evidential purposes. For each additional property a new SmartWater Membership will be required and with this you will be supplied with a new unique forensic code.

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7. Additional Deterrent Stickers

I will soon be moving house. Can I get new Window Warning Labels for my new house?

Yes, you are entitled to new Window Warning Labels, which will be mailed out to you free of charge. You need to write to us with details of your old and new addresses and your SmartWater ID / Membership Number (if known). We also require proof of your new address (i.e. a utility bill). We would also ask that you remove the Window Warning Labels from your existing property prior to leaving.

Can I buy additional deterrent labels?

(Available to Membership holders only) Our SmartWater memberships should come with the appropriate number Warning Labels for the system you have ordered. You need to use these at prominent positions around your property e.g. the front and rear entrances of the property. Any additional Warning Labels may be used, for example, on French doors or additional windows. Provision of additional labels is carefully controlled and monitored. We would not normally provide any additional stickers. However, any SmartWater subscribers that have special requirement for additional stickers are requested to contact Customer Services on 954-315-3938.

I have replaced my windows. Can I have more Warning Labels?

Yes, if you have replaced your windows, we can provide additional SmartWater Warning Labels free of charge. Labels will be sent upon receipt of the appropriate invoice to show that you have replaced your window(s).

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8. Re-registration details / Renewals

I have replaced my vehicle and wondered how I go about getting a new vehicle kit?

(Available to Membership holders only) Please send us a copy of the registration for your new vehicle along with a covering letter detailing the change (please include your name, address and telephone number).

Providing your SmartWater subscription is up to date, we will supply you with a free replacement Vehicle System. Administrative costs are also free of charge to SmartWater Members. If the new vehicle is already SmartWater protected then it will be transferred to you and a new certificate issued.

I have purchased a vehicle already protected by SmartWater, how do I transfer the registration to me and become a member?

Simply contact us by email or phone and request a vehicle transfer form. This can be emailed or mailed out to you. Once returned along with a copy of your registration and the necessary checks have been completed we will send you a Certificate of Registration for you to keep for your records.

What happens if I move?

Administrative costs to update your records are free of charge. You will need to write to us with details of your old and new addresses and your SmartWater ID / Membership Number (if known). We would also ask that you remove the Window Warning Labels from your old property and we will send you new labels free of charge for your new home.

What happens if I sell an item which I have marked with SmartWater?

This is not a problem. Simply make a note of the item you have sold and the person you have sold it to. You should also provide a receipt for the buyer, so they have proof that they have bought the item. Even if the new owner does not choose to register the SmartWater protected item, your code will help Police track down the owner should the goods be stolen and later recovered. A Transfer of Ownership Form can be emailed free of charge by emailing or by calling Customer Services.

What happens at the end of the subscription period?

Your Membership continues until you notify us in writing; where possible payment will be collected by Direct Debit. If you have purchased online then payment will be collected using your previously supplied details, providing they are still up to date. Alternatively we will contact you in writing inviting you to renew your Membership. To make a payment please call us on 954-315-3938.

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9. Any Other Questions

What happens if I wish to discontinue my Membership?

We trust that you find the deterrent power and peace of mind that SmartWater offers good reason to maintain your Membership. We invite you to have another look around our website to remind you of the real deterrent benefits of SmartWater. Please note that having purchased a SmartWater license you must pay your license fee in full. If however, you really must discontinue, we will ask you, in accordance with the terms of the membership, to remove ALL SmartWater Warning Labels and signs from your property and your details will be removed from the SmartWater database from your next membership renewal date. The company has a policy of randomly checking the display of Warning Labels for existing and former Membership Holders.

I have heard that my neighbor / friend / relative have received free or discounted SmartWater. Why is this and how do I get some?

These SmartWater systems are purchased by Local Authorities or Police Organizations as part of Crime Prevention Initiatives to reduce burglaries and crime in an area of their designation. The distribution of these SmartWater kits is strictly controlled by the parties involved and not by SmartWater. Please contact your Local Authority for further information.

What is the procedure if I was unfortunate enough to get burglarized?

You must report it to the Police in the usual way and be sure to tell them that your valuables are marked with SmartWater. Then inform SmartWater’s Customer Services Department by calling 954-315-3938.

How do I know if the Police in my area are using SmartWater and if there have been any convictions?

Remember that SmartWater is first and foremost a deterrent. Any convictions that have been achieved will most likely be a part of targeted Police-led covert operations, designed to capture repeat offenders. The Police will only allow certain information to be made available to the public. Please visit the ‘In The Press’ area of the SmartWater CSI website for more details.