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What is SmartWater?

SmartWater is a powerful deterrent generated by ongoing partnerships between our subscribers, SmartWater and the UK’s law enforcement agencies.

What you have to do:

It’s quite simple. When you subscribe to SmartWater, our scientists will create a unique forensic solution that we register to your home or business. When you receive the forensic solution, you simply paint it onto your most valuable and treasured items. Then, most important of all, you put our warning signs up, as they are a proven and powerful deterrent.

What we do for you:

In partnership with the Police our staff will undertake raids, stop and searches, covert operations, ‘mystery shopper’ checks of online auctions, analysis of recovered SmartWater marked property, and give evidence in court – all on behalf of our members, 365 days a year. We then publicise this activity in the media to put pressure on criminals and heightens their fear of SmartWater, so when they see the stickers in your window they will think twice about breaking in. To fund all of this overt activity SmartWater works on a subscription basis. To see SmartWater in action, please view our video by clicking here.


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